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Daily Question: 3 Powerful Words

Daily Question by Thought Questions


I think the three most powerful words in the English language are: religion, sex, and hate.

Religion is one because the world literally runs on it.  People kill over it, dedicate their lives to it, and either look down or up to others based on their religion.  While many people do love to talk about their beliefs and religion, it’s also a very touchy subject and can escalate into an argument.

Sex is another powerful word because of the reactions people have when they hear it.  People may cringe, try to change the subject, obsess about it, or even give every detail about their own sexual experiences.  Parents dread the day when they have to give “the talk” to their kids, and the government goes to many lengths to censor it.  While it may be a natural part of life, every person reacts differently to the the word sex.

And finally, I think hate is a powerful word.  I would say love, however “love” seems to be used to carelessly.  We use it with our family, friends, children, our pets, or even people we have just met.  We even use it with foods, objects, hobbies, and celebrities.  Hate on the other hand is much more powerful.  Yes, we can say, “I hate broccoli”, or “I hate going to school”, however when we use it to say how we feel about another person, we are automatically filled wit rage.  It’s such a negative word that I think it shouldn’t even be used.


What do you think are the 3 most powerful words in the English language?


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