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Daily Question: Your Parent’s Relationship

Daily Question by Thought Questions


Honestly, I can’t do this in only one word because my 4 parents have a strange and unconventional relationship.

My mom and dad divorced when I was 4 and quickly found other spouses.  My dad married my step-mom a few years later, and my mother married my step-dad when I was 16, however he lived with us for 10 years before that so I always thought of him as my step-father.

All four of my parents get along and are friends.  My dad and step-dad go to the bar and drink together sometimes, and my half-brother (from my dad and step-mom) will even come to our cottage with my mom.  None of my parents have any animosity towards one another and get along well, even getting together for the holidays sometimes.  This I am grateful for and lucky.

My mom and dad’s relationship is the unconventional type.  It’s weird because my mom’s dad married my dad’s mom, so my (divorced) parents are step-siblings.  My entire family, with all of my 4 parents, my 2 siblings, and my grandparents, are connected.  We will always be a family no matter what and because of this, I have been lucky to grow up in 2 stable – yet odd – households.


How would you describe your parent’s relationship?


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  1. My parents have been divorced for 40 years and they still feel the need to gig each other. It was a bitter divorce and it made life very uncomfortable for all of us. I envy you and your parents.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. I hate divorce. Every single person in my family, on both sides, has been married, divorced, remarried (sometimes multiple times). My sister, cousin, and I have made a pact that we will be the first three of our family to STAY married. However, of course, if you truly are unhappy in a relationship, then I think it’s best for everyone involved for the parents to get the divorce. If you still create a happy home then the kids should have a positive upbringing.

      Rumpy: your momma Jen sounds like she turned out great! 🙂

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