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Horrible Bosses [Movie Review]

Yes, I know this movie has been out for about a year, but this was my second time seeing this movie and thought it was about time to share my review.  Enjoy!


Title: Horrible Bosses

Director: Seth Gordon

Writer(s): Michael Markowitz & John Francis Daley

Cinematographer: David Hennings

Starring:  Jason Bateman, Charlie Day & Jason Sudeikis

Year Released: 2011

Synopsis: “Three friends conspire to murder their awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness.”

Horrible Bosses Poster


My Review:

For the past couple of years, it has been hard to see a genuine good comedy.  Most “comedies” being released these days are either semi-funny with a bad, unoriginal story line, or are not funny one bit with a bad, unoriginal story line.  However, with Horrible Bosses it seems that the comedy genre isn’t completely lost.

A lot to do with the success of this movie was the cast.  Jason Bateman brought back his mature yet often phased character, Michael Bluth, from his days of Arrested Development.  Bateman is an essential component of this movie and is both a great actor and a funny comedian.  Charlie Day is, well Charlie Day.  Like Bateman, Day played pretty much the same role he plays on his TV show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: eccentric, hyper, and hysterically funny.  And that suits him just well.  Mix in seasoned actors like Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston (side note: it was so nice to see Aniston playing a different type of role aside from her romance-comedy ones), and Colin Ferrell – all great performers and natural comedians – and you have yourself a damn good movie!

The movie’s script was both original and well thought-out.  The majority of the jokes and puns were genuinely funny, and we can all relate to a terrible boss we’ve had during one job or another.  Each of the movie’s three bosses had their own different antics that made them hateable yet enticing, and their fed-up employees’ plans to kill them was the crazy, watchable icing on the cake.  Of course it wouldn’t be a movie if their plan had gone off without a hitch.  Combine a few mishaps like hiring a guy who does “wet work”, taking killing advice from Mother Fuckah Jones, and accidentally saving a boss who is on the kill list, and the laughs continue throughout.  

I did not finish this movie feeling disappointed or as if I had been cheated out of some laughs – two emotions I often feel after seeing what was supposed to be a “comedy”.  Instead, I felt satisfied and even some relief as the feature exceeded my expectations, and was actually better than the trailer previewed it – which is often not the case. Horrible Bosses shows that with the combination of a good cast and script, a movie can be both entertaining and a truly well-composed film.  


Check out the trailer here:


Have any of you seen this movie?  If yes, tell us what you think in the comment section below!


*Note: The synopsis, movie information, and movie poster were taken from IMDB.  The trailer was taken from YouTube.  The review above is written by me:  ©Kalie Lyn 2012*


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