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Daily Question: One of These Days…

Daily Question by Thought Questions


Honestly, I am still searching (and hoping) for cheaper plane tickets.

Living in Spain full-time is hard.  I miss my family, friends, pets, driving, and eating American food.  I try to go back to the States at least once a year, and I need this trip back to the homeland both emotionally and mentally – sometimes I get so overwhelmed living and studying abroad that I actually NEED to go to Michigan.  

However, flying across continents is expensive, especially when done every year, and a lot of times I need help with the money from my parents, but I don’t like to depend on my parents and burden them with my money issues.  This is why I’m still searching for cheaper plane tickets.  I understand that it takes a lot of gas to fly a plane, but what I don’t understand is why they charge you for extra bags, why the taxes are usually half the price, and why oh why, if we are paying so much money, are the seats so uncomfortable, the “meals” so gross, and the flight  attendants are often so bitchy (I understand it’s a tough job, but it’s also tough being a passenger for 13+ hours).  

Flying isn’t like it used to be (if you want to read a great book about the good ol’ days of flying then I highly recommend you read Coffee, Tea, or Me?) and I know it will only get worse, and more uncomfortable, to fly long distances.  However, they could at least cut down the prices a little so it wouldn’t be such a big deal when they lose our bags, delay our flights, and make us stare enviously at the red curtain that divides the regular people in economy from the special people in first-class. 


What are you still searching for?


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