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Link of the Day: Huge – Though Cruel – Breakthrough for People with Paralysis

A once-paralyzed rat with a robotic harness.

National Geographic: Paralyzed Rats Walk Again, Thanks to Electricity, Chemicals – And Chocolate


The only reason why I am making this the Link of the Day is because I do know someone who is paralyzed – he became paralyzed after a dirt bike accident – and this is a huge breakthrough for people with paralysis.

However, I do NOT condone animal research.  They say in the article that the scientists deliberately paralyzed the rats in order to perform the experiments.  This is just plain wrong.  They also said that they have been testing on willing human subjects, and I think that they could have done that from the beginning.  It makes me sick that they intentionally paralyzed the rats – and even left some rats permanently paralyzed.  It also surprises me that National Geographic published this article.

But, like I said before, it is a good thing for those who have been paralyzed.

Happy Thursday All!



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