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Daily Question: Your Most Defining Moment

Daily Question by Thought Questions


The most defining moment of my life so far was when I confirmed and accepted my spiritual beliefs.

I have always been a spiritual person and interested in religion.  I grew up Christian, specifically Lutheran, and attended a Lutheran school for the first 8 years of my life.  My family isn’t very religious, and my mother even got a few calls from my school for not attending Sunday church, but it was very hard not to believe in God when I went to a Christian grade school.

However, I don’t think I ever truly connected to God or the Christian religion.  I always had my own beliefs, and I feel that the daily Religion classes and weekly church sermons I was forced to attend turned me away from Christianity.  

For a while, I followed no religion and had no real beliefs.  However, that did not satisfy me and it wasn’t until I was probably around 16 years old that I finally began searching and found what I believe in.  I still do not follow any religion – mostly because my beliefs do not adhere to any specific religious organization – but I do have my beliefs of how the world was created, what life is really about, and what happens after we die.

I love my spirituality and I love what I believe in.  Recently, I have been researching Buddhism and I respect Buddha’s teachings of suffering and living life in a compassionate way, however I do not fully agree with their beliefs.  I think it’s OK to have your own beliefs and not follow any sort of religion.  Honestly, I think that religion is the reason why the world is so corrupt, but beliefs are what makes the world better.

Finding what I believe in has been my most defining moment so far.


What has been your most defining moment?


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