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Daily Question: The Perfect Evening

Daily Question by Thought Questions


My perfect evening would occur at my family’s cottage up north in Lexington, Michigan.

It would consist of having a good diner, with desert being a “strong” coffee – “strong” being the Kahlua and Baileys – while we all relax and talk.  Then, after allowing our food to digest, and just as the sun is going down, my cousin, sister, the boys next door –  who are our cottage neighbors – and I would all go on the beach and make up some kind of game to play (because even though we are 22 years old, we still enjoy acting like children!) while we build a camp fire.

Once the camp fire is built, we would go upstairs and collect all the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers we could find, and race back down to the beach to make s’mores and chill by the bonfire.  We would probably get bored after a while, or eventually let the flames burn down, at which time we would go back upstairs and play ghost in the graveyard.  We would play this for a good half-hour, or until one of the younger kids from next door became scared, and then we would quit and spend the rest of the night either talking or playing cards.

We would all sleep in tents, talking with one another until finally we all dozed off and went to sleep.

I love my days and nights spent up north at the cottage, and actually, what I just described is usually a typical nighttime scenario.  I am obviously unable to have my “perfect evenings” as much as I used to since I now live in Spain, however I will be going back to the States soon, and am so excited to once again go to my favorite place in Michigan!


What would your perfect evening look like?


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