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Daily Question: The Peace Room

Daily Question by Thought Questions


If I had an extra room, I would make it into the Peace Room. 

The walls of my Peace Room would be built-in bookshelves, with a little space for a fireplace and lots of open windows.  The floor would be beach sand and a bucket of water outside the door to wash your feet so no sand would get in the rest of the house.  There would be lots of comfortable chairs, a small desk to write, and plants in every corner for fresh oxygen.  Maybe even a table with an electric tea maker!

Of course, since it’s called the Peace Room, there would be no technology allowed in.   No telephones, no iPads, and no video games.  This is a place to relax, daydream, and get away from all of the things that have made our species distracted from the important things.


What would you do with an extra room in your house?


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  1. I haven’t thought about this one! Hmmm. But I will before I go to sleep later! Nice thoughts. 🙂

  2. If visitors are allowed in the Peace Room, I’ll be right over 🙂


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