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The Year of Living Biblically [Book Review]

As I have mentioned, I do not follow any type of religion, but I do enjoy learning and researching about religion.  I asked my mom to get this book for my birthday, and she did.  So, here is my review.   Enjoy!


Title:  The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible

Author: A.J. Jacobs

Synopsis: “Raised in a secular family but increasingly interested in the relevance of faith in our modern world, A.J. Jacobs decides to dive in headfirst and attempt to obey the Bible as literally as possible for one full year. He vows to follow the Ten Commandments. To be fruitful and multiply. To love his neighbor. But also to obey the hundreds of less publicized rules: to avoid wearing clothes made of mixed fibers; to play a ten-string harp; to stone adulterers.” 

ISBN: 0743291476

The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible


 My Review:

The Bible has been described as many things.  Some look to the Bible as a guide and source of rules to live their life by, while others only think of the Bible as a collection of stories and myths.  Even those who believe the Bible as fact, do not necessarily follow it in its entirety.  However, what happens to someone’s life when they do in fact follow the Bible as literally as possible?

A.J. Jacobs takes us on a year-long journey as he strives, and sometimes struggles, to follow the Bible as literally as he can.  Interested in religion, though a self-proclaimed agnostic, Jacobs is searching to find many things throughout his year of biblical literalism.  Can and should the Bible be taken literally, especially in the modern era?  What happens to one’s faith when they devote their lives to the Bible?  And what can be learned about everyday life from the Old and New testament?

Jacobs takes on the role of a naïve but interested student as he consults many different religious teachers and mentors to aid him throughout his journey.  He takes his biblical project seriously, and tries to adhere to every commandment and lesson in the Bible.  From stoning adulterers – which I laughed hysterically throughout – to using a specific hyssop paint brush to paint his door with lamb blood during Passover, it seems as if the rules never stop and his beard continues to grow.

The Year of Living Biblically is a thought-provoking and hilarious read.  Broken down in different sections pertaining to different Bible passages and their corresponding rules and lessons, it is an easy read, and I had trouble putting it down before going straight to the next month’s chapter.  Filled with humor and pure honesty, Jacobs’ writing is captivating, and this factor has made him my newest favorite non-fiction writer.  Whether you are a religious person, interested in religion, or just looking for an entertaining read, The Year of Living Biblically is a must-read for everyone.  


Purchase it at here: The Year of Living Biblically


Has anyone read this book?  If yes, what was your take on it?  If not, do you plan on reading it?  Let us know in the comment section below!


*Note: The synopsis and photo were taken from  The review above is written by me.  © Kalie Lyn 2011*


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  1. Glad to see a review on this book! Every time I am in a bookstore I pick this up, but always seem to put it back. I’m not really religious, so the idea was both intriguing and unappealing at once. I’ll have to pick it up next time! Thanks for the review!

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