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Daily Question: Your Unknown Age

Daily Question by Thought Questions


I don’t know if I would think about it.  

Age in the form of a number doesn’t necessarily matter.  You age whether you know how old you are or not.  Your body changes regardless and you gain experience with time.

However, if I HAD to choose an age number to tell people if I did not know my true age, I would probably say I was 23.  I think that’s a perfect age to be.  Yes, I’m only 22 and I do not know what 23 will bring me, but it’s universally old enough to drink, drive, and is an acceptable age to have a career, family, and children.  Of course as I continue to age, I may have to raise that number to 33, 43, 53, and so on!


How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?


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