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Daily Question: Just Do It

Daily Question by Thought Questions


If I was told to just “do it”, that “it” would be to officially share my true feelings and emotions.

Most of the time I do not tell people what I truly feel about them.  I do not like to draw attention to myself, and for the most part, I keep my true feelings hidden from the world.  But, if I was to just “do it”:

I would thank all those who have helped me.

I would say “I love you” to those who I have loved – whether it was friendly and familial love, or romantic love.

I would apologize and explain myself to those who I have hurt.

I would confront those who have hurt me.

And I would not cover my eyes when I cry in front of someone, or suck in my lips when I want to laugh.

This takes a lot of courage, and I don’t know if I will ever completely achieve this.  I’m not a very showy kind of person, and to let others know how I am truly feeling is a big thing to me.

However, if someone said to me “just do it”, I would try to “just do it”.


If I said to you, “just do it”, what would “it” be?


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