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Daily Question: Quote Your Life

Daily Question by Thought Questions


I have a huge imagination, and sometimes I am told that I need to think more realistically, and get out of my head and come back down to earth.

However, I started to feel a whole lot better about my imaginative ways when I first discovered the quote: “Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality” by Jules de Gaultier- which also happens to be my blog’s tagline! 

There are a couple of reasons why I love this quote.  First, as a writer, imagination is key, and you can’t quite write without dreaming big and pushing the boundaries.  Secondly, reality is sometimes overwhelming, and a lot of times we can all get caught up in the bullshit that life throws at us.  Without an imagination, and a few unrealistic goals and dreams, we would forever be enslaved by the mediocre expectations and pressures that reality presents us.  

I could never imagine fully living in reality without a place to escape to in my head.  I may create unlikely situations, may expect just a little too much, and may think unrealistically about my life, but without those things, I wouldn’t be the person I am.  I also would never fight for anything I wanted, because without imagination, those goals just seem too far away and out of reach.  Imagination brings everything you want just a little closer, and besides, what’s the fun without a little illusion?!


What quote or life lesson has changed the way you think?


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  1. I don’t know who to attribute the quotes to, and they’re questions more than just quotes, but either way, someone, somewhere put these questions together and between the two of them, I was finally able to get around to fulfilling my dreams:
    1. “What is the one thing you’d do for free? Now, figure out how to make money off of it.”
    2. “What if anything where possible?”

  2. ‘What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.’
    Henry David Thoreau


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