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Daily Question: 10 Good Things

Daily Question by Thought Questions


Actually, I can.

I am currently sitting on the back porch at my mother’s house in Michigan.  The things that are good around me at this moment are pretty abundant.

1)  First and for most, my boyfriend.  We love the two months we are able to spend once a year back in my home country of the United States.  I am so grateful that my boyfriend loves my family, and is able to enjoy the time we are able to spend with them.

2)  My pets.  As we aren’t able to have pets in our apartment in Spain, I really do miss all my dogs and cats back here in MI.  At this moment, my kitty Ocean is being the naughty cat he is.  Though he is around 5 years old, he is still a kitten at heart, and it shows.

3)  My view is spectacular.  My mom’s house backs up to the woods and I can hear the birds chirping, the bugs buzzing, and the tree branches cracking.

4)  Back in the house, we are watching the show, Pawn Stars.  I have been a sale picker since I was a little girl when my mom and aunt would take my sister, cousins, and I saling.  Luckily, my boyfriend has gotten into it too, and now we are obsessed with all shows that deal with collecting, selling, and treasure hunting.

5)  The wind really rejuvenates me.  Lately, it has been pretty hot in MI, but at the moment I am sitting in the shade with a nice breeze blowing.

6)  My full belly is another good thing around me.  I will admit that while the portion size of food here in the States is tremendously huge to that of Europe, I do miss American food when I’m back in Spain.  I’m just happy that my stomach can once again be satisfied.

7)  I rarely see squirrels in Madrid.  Scratch that, I never see squirrels in Madrid.  At the moment, the neighborhood squirrels are jumping through the trees, dropping acorns onto the deck, and being the mischievous critters they are.

8)  Currently, my Arnold-Palmer is really refreshing.  My Spanish boyfriend had no idea what an Arnold-Palmer was (it’s iced tea and lemonade mixed together for those who also don’t know), and since pop doesn’t come out of a machine in Europe – you get it either in the bottle or can – I love that I am able to have an Arnold-Palmer again.

9)  Compared to my tiny apartment back in Spain, my mom’s, dad’s, and pretty much every other house here in the rural area of MI is a good thing.  Nothing seems overcrowded or cluttered.  I am just enjoying the space and my old room I am able to appreciate while I’m here.

10)  And last but not least, I can see the best thing ever: the fact that I am with my family.  They are the people I miss the most when I am abroad, so to be with them is wonderful.


What are ten – or any number – good things you can see at the moment?


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