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8 Days to National Novel Writing Month!

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NaNo is rapidly approaching with only 8 days to go before writers around the world strive to reach their 50,000 word goal.

I participated and completed my 50,000 word goal last NaNo, however I never did finish my novel.  This year, my goal has changed.  Besides just finishing the NaNo word goal, I also aspire to actually complete my novel.  I have completed many short-stories and poems over the years, but I have not fully finished any of my many novel ideas.

So, 2012 is my year, and I strive to finally finish one of my many original and complex novel ideas!

What about you?  Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year?  If so, please let us all know some of your motivation and inspirational tips to reach that 50,000 word goal and complete your novel!


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  1. I just did 😀
    Let’s try to make it this year.

  2. I am doing Nanowrimo this year (user name Jlucca). I’ve been finding as many people as possible who I know are also doing it so that they can hold me accountable and hopefully I’ll be able to win this year!:) Like you, I actually want to complete my novel:) Happy Writing and best of luck on nanowrimo!!

  3. Outlines and plot notes are very much encouraged, and can be started months ahead of the actual novel-writing adventure. Previously written prose, though, is punishable by death.

  4. I’ve added you to my NaNo page! Looking forward to November!


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