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Link of the Day: Down with the Ivory Trade!

The Huffington Post: Tsavo National Park Elephants Killed by Poachers in Kenya


This literally brought tears to my eyes.  There are only two species of elephants remaining – the Asian and African elephant – and countries, especially China, continue to partake in the ivory trade.  This demand for ivory from Asia increases the incentive for Africans to turn to poaching due to the large amount of money they receive.

This horrific act needs to be stopped.  While we can’t all be out fighting on the front lines for these animals, we can do our parts right from our home.  First, check out these websites to learn more about the ivory trade and how to fight against elephant poaching:


Bloody Ivory

Next, refuse to visit China or any other country that supports the ivory trade.  Or, if you or someone you know does travel to Asia, especially China, make sure to ask what things are made of before you buy.  Ivory is used to make tourist souvenirs, so ask, and if anything is made of ivory, bone, or skin, refuse to buy.  This may not make the biggest impact, but at least you are taking a stand.

And finally, please spread the word about poaching, the ivory trade, and what can be done to help stop these random killings.  The world needs to be educated about the importance of animal life and rights, so please do your part!

Happy Wednesday All!


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