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Link of the Day: Goldfish Afloat!

The Huffington Post:  Goldfish Uses Harness to Help Stay Afloat While Swimming


It is a common myth that fish have a three-second memory span.  In fact, fish are relatively intelligent animals who have long-term memories, and studies have shown that fish also use tools.

The video above shows how a simple harness tool has given a new life to a goldfish.  Having trouble staying afloat, this goldfish now is able to swim thanks to her owner, who created a floating harness!

 There has been quite a few disabled animals in the news lately who have gotten a new start thanks to their human companions.  And while most people forget about their silent, swimming friends, it is nice to see that one fish has not been forgotten!

So, check out the link above to read more about this amazing goldfish, and next, learn about “The Hidden Lives of Fish”.

Happy Thursday All!



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