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Link of the Day: Detroit – A City of History and Possibility

amy sacka owen was here detroit

The Huffington Post:  Amy Sacka, Detroit Photographer, Captures City Day At A Time For A Year In ‘Owen Was Here’


I was born in Detroit, but grew up outside of the city.  I never knew the city until I started dating someone who grew up and lived there.  While I dated him, I would go down to what would be considered the “ghetto” at least twice a week.  We would sit on his parent’s house porch, watching the city go by in front of us.

Detroit has gotten a bad rap for many years.  When people, even my friends here in Spain, hear the word Detroit, the first word that pops in their mind is “crime”.  Unfortunately, it’s true.  Detroit came in #1 on Forbes’ 2012 list of “America’s Most Dangerous Cities”.  And, even more unfortunate, the boyfriend I mentioned above ended up getting shot and killed in his own Detroit city.

While turmoil and crime masks the motor-city, there is more to Detroit than meets the eye.  Photographer, Amy Sacka, found this out herself when she took on a year-long project of photographing the streets of Detroit.  Her beautiful photos show us the people, places, and happenings of Detroit, and how, though it may be hard to see at first, Detroit is a city with dedicated citizens, an amazing history, and huge potential.

My ex-boyfriend who lived his entire life in Detroit, and eventually died there, had major love for his city.  It was his home, and he took everything it gave – the good and the bad – and showed me, a young girl from the suburbs, how much Detroit really has to offer.  We are all wanting a change for Detroit, and supposedly something is being planned for the motor-city.  So, instead of “crime” being the first word that people think of when hearing about Detroit, “possibility” and “history” should be the new descriptions Detroit triggers.

Visiting Detroit is like attempting something new for the first time.  Don’t knock it until you try it.

Happy Sunday All!



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