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Link of the Day: Snow Flakes Just Falling on My Nose

snow facts

The Huffington Post:  Snow Facts – Interesting Trivia About Winter Weather


I’m definitely not a winter person, but I do love snow.  I loved building snowmen and snow forts as a child, and still to this day I love trekking around in ankle deep snow piles.

I’ve lived in Madrid, Spain for 4 years now, and the only time we got enough snow to actually qualify it as “snow” was two years ago.  The Spanish children were thrilled (as this was probably their first winter wonderland, since it was the first time it had snowed that much in 30 years), and the adults, while they weren’t the best drivers on the icy roads, were excited as well.  This year however, Madrid did not get any snow (except for in the mountains), and when I Skyped with my mother the other day, I yearned for the fluffy, white powder that stuck to her Michigan front lawn.

Snow fascinates me – the way each snowflake is different, just like a human fingerprint, and how a fresh, new snowfall can make a cold winter day seem so magical – so when I stumbled across these facts about snow, I was wishing even more for a few flakes here in Madrid.

I’m sure many of you in the States, especially those who have been hit hard from Nemo, are just waiting for your snow to melt.  But, I do miss it, and remember that once it’s gone, it is not coming back until next year.  So, enjoy it for a while, and check out these fun facts about winter and snow!

Happy Tuesday All!



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