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Celebrating Halloween Modern Day Style

Ah, Halloween.  

The one day a year when children dress up as the monsters they think are under their beds,

when it’s socially acceptable to be a slut

Sexy Halloween Costumes

and when the warning, “never take candy from a stranger” becomes irrelevant.

Personally, I have never really enjoyed Halloween or even considered it a holiday – I mean you don’t even get off of school or work for it, even though there is essential planning and preparation needed!

Yes, I trick-or-treated as a kid and yes, Halloween parties as a teenager were fun to attend, however once I became too old to go door to door to fill my pillow case with candy that was never eaten, and once the parties became bombarded with “playboy bunnies” and “sexy nuns”, Halloween became the least of my priorities.

However, as Halloween 2011 nears, blog posts, news articles and Facebook statuses fill with people’s opinions and planning of the upcoming “Day of the Dead”, so I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and write this Halloween post.

First off, I love Fall/Autumn (however you like to call the falling-of-the-leaves season).  I love bonfires, I love visiting cider mills and I love carving pumpkins.  All these things , along with the beautiful tree color changes and the Fall smell that encompasses the air, reminds me of childhood, the change of the season and that Christmas is even closer.  

Yet, none of the things mentioned above remind me of Halloween.  I literally almost forgot about Halloween until it became talked, tweeted and messaged about.  And then I stumbled upon this Huffington Post article:

World War II Evacuee Halloween Costume: Offensive Or Educational? 


Apparently, there is a new costume that has Americans up in a stir.

This one:

It is targeted for young girls and is supposed to be a World War II Evacuee costume.  However, it is British, not American, and supposedly, “the UK has several national commemoration days worked into the elementary school curriculum as a creative way to teach kids British history. One of these is the unfortunately named Evacuee Day.”

I don’t know how I feel about this.  I understand that this costume is meant to be “educational”, however, is this, while unintentionally, poking fun or even exploiting the horrors that World War II was?

What is your opinion of all of this?  Is Halloween turning into a day when all morals, and what would otherwise be considered “scandalous” behavior, is thrown out the window?  Or is it OK, one day a year, for teenagers to flaunt their bodies and for little girls to dress up as WWII evacuees?

Check out the article link above and let me know what you think!

*Note: The images above were taken from Google Images.*

Animal Massacre in Zanesville, Ohio

Do you see that picture above?!  Among those animals you see lying, dead, on the ground are bears, monkeys, lions and rare Bengal tigers.  

What happened here to cause such a horrible scene?

Terry Thompson, the owner of a wildlife preserve in Zanesville, Ohio, had released his brood of exotic animals and then shot himself.  Officers were forced to gun down the animals as “these animals were on the move and were showing aggressive behavior,” said Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz.  After everything was over, 49 animals – 18 rare Bengal tigers, 17 lions, 6 black bears, 2 grizzly bears, 3 mountain lions, 2 wolves and 1 baboon – were slaughtered.  According to ABC News, Jack Hanna, wildlife expert, ‘said it was especially heartbreaking to see so many Bengal tigers killed when they are on the verge of extinction’.

While this tragedy is unbelievable, and a macaque monkey is still on the loose, it was a lucky day for 6 of the animals – 1 grizzly bear, 3 leopards and 2 monkeys – as Terry Thompson never released them from their cage and they were still found there.  They are being taken to the Columbus Zoo.

Read and watch the full story here.

My mother brought this incident to my attention and it absolutely pissed me off.  First, it upset me on how little laws Ohio has pertaining to keeping wild and exotic animals as pets.  Second, and most importantly, while the officers and everyone involved said there was no other way than to kill these animals, there really had to be another option.

The photo above isn’t even the worse.  This is the worst:

How, after everything that these animals had been through – being killed and I guess their owner Terry Thompson abused them – could the officers just throw their bodies on top of one another like that.  Also, if you watch the video, you see a few of the carcasses being dragged behind a tractor and even though they are going to be “buried”, these animals are special beings and deserve to be treated with more respect.

Another thing that upset me to high heavens was the fact that, if you read the article it explains how a vet tried to tranquilize one tiger and, according to the article, the tiger ‘”just went crazy” and started to run, so officers were forced to shoot it with lethal ammunition’.  Why, after one try, did they give up and just kill it?  Maybe the tranquilizer wasn’t strong enough – a tiger is a big animal – so why didn’t they get stronger tranquilizers?.  Why didn’t they try the amount of tranquilizers they had on the smaller animals such as the wolves and monkeys, instead of killing them right away?

The whole thing seems absolutely surreal to me and the fact that there was no other option than to kill these animals is unbelievable.

While the 49 animals, including already endangered species, were killed, there is something we can do to prevent this “situation” from happening in the future.  Whether you’re an Ohio resident or not, visit this site and demand that action be taken to prevent the ownership and sales of exotic animals.

We must not let the above majestic animals die in vain.


*Note:  Click on the links above to find out more info and to see my sources.  The pictures above were taken from Google Images.  The thoughts and words above are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011.

Gored Torero

Juan Jose Padilla, a Spanish bullfighter, was gored by a 1,120 pound bull named Marques, during a bullfight in Zaragoza, Spain.  Marques’ left horn pierced Padilla’s lower jaw and went straight through, coming out beside his eyeball.  The thirty-nine year old bullfighter ended up with eye, bone, muscle and skin damage and even though he underwent a five-hour surgery, surgeons were not able to repair a severed facial nerve.  The Miguel Servet Hospital even said that Padilla will likely suffer facial paralysis and be blind in the eye that was pierced.  

Juan Jose Padilla Spain Bullfighter

While this incident, of a bullfighter being pierced by a bull, has happened before, it still shakes people up and gets them wondering if the tradition of bullfighting should be continued.

Not only is bullfighting a cruel and inhumane sport against the bull itself – with the bull being pierced numerous times with spears until its eventual and painful death – but it is also extremely risky and can turn out harmful and even fatal for the matadors, the bullfighters.

Having lived in Spain for 3 years, I have had many conversations with my Spanish friends about their feelings towards bullfighting.  I have found that the older generation still finds it as a tradition and a “form of art”.  However, with the younger generation, they feel that bullfighting gives Spain a “bad name” and that it is cruel.  The younger generation has no problem getting rid of bullfighting all together while some of the older generation still think that it should be kept simply as a “tradition”.

My Spanish boyfriend and I personally do not like bullfighting.  We both think that it is a cruel and horrible sport and source of entertainment.  We were so thrilled and happy to find out that Catalonia – which is comprised of the four provinces Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona – officially banned bullfighting and the last ever bullfight occurred on September 25th, 2011.  

Hopefully, this ban on bullfighting reaches other cities and eventually is adopted by all of Spain.  I have never been to a bullfight and never will go to one but highlights of bullfights are often recapped on the Spanish sports news.  It makes me so mad to watch and I secretly wish that the men which are doing the fighting are injured instead of the bull.

Bullfighting does need to be stopped.  180,000 people had to sign the petition that banned bullfighting in Catalonia so another petition needs to be drawn up and signed for the ban of bullfighting in Madrid and all over the rest of Spain!

*Note: The image above was taken from the Huffington Post article.  Check out my links to learn more and to see my sources.  The wording and thoughts in this post are my own: ©Kalie Lyn, 2011.

Save Lennox!

The first I heard of Lennox was from Rumpydog.  This poor 6-year-old dog’s story and mistreatment literally brought me to tears.  The pain his family has gone through and the pain Lennox, himself, has gone through is literally heartbreaking.

Even though this American-Bull-Dog-Labrador mix’s family had him “neutered, licensed, insured and DNA registered”, the Belfast, Northern Ireland City Council now feels the need to classify Lennox as a “Pit Bull”.  

Taken from his home on May 19th, 2010, Lennox has been “incarcerated” and awaiting a death sentence.  Unfortunately, yesterday, September 30th, 2011, was the day when the judge ruled that Lennox will be officially put to death.  However, even though Lennox will probably be put to sleep, he “will not be destroyed immediately” and instead will be held in a secret location for the next 21 days.

While there doesn’t seem any hope left for poor Lennox, you can still try and help.  Visit and find out how you can make your voice heard and maybe put a stop to future dogs being killed because of their looks.

This is true discrimination and needs to be stopped.

Speak out against Belfast, Northern Ireland and show your support in favor of Lennox and his family.  

Remember, Lennox can feel the hate, pain and mistreatment that has been inflicted on him.  He is a living being with a beating heart and deserves the right to live.

Because he can’t stand up for himself, we need to stand up for him!

*Note: The images were taken from Google Images.  Check out the links to find out more and to see my sources.  The thoughts and words in this article are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011.

Dog Eating Banned

This is absolutely sick.  I found this article on the Huffington Post and I highlighted parts that I find just ridiculous!

A 600-year-old dog eating festival in Qianxi, China was banned this week after a massive social media outcry called for its cancellation. Fifteen thousand dogs are slaughtered annually at the festival, which commemorates a battle fought in the town. Before the battle, an invading army killed all the dogs in the town of Qianxi to prevent being exposed by barking dogs. After capturing the town, the army ate the dog meat to celebrate.

From then until the ’80s, the dogs were killed immediately before being cooked and served. Then the Chinese government intervened and banned on-site butchery. But the practice began to creep back into the festival over the past few years. Pictures of carnage from the dog eating festival made their way on to the internet, incensing thousands. This year, many of them took to the internet to call for the festival to be banned. The Chinese government reacted by banning the festival.

According to Global Post, sympathy for dogs has increased markedly among the Chinese over the past few decades; keeping them as pets was banned during the Cultural Revolution, but rates of ownership have risen since then.

There have been some calls for a total ban on eating cats and dogs in the country, it remains both common and socially acceptable. It’s possible, though, that this recent move could signal a further shift in government sentiment towards the side of a ban; rumors of such a ban started to escalate as early as June.

Having had dogs and cats as pets my entire life, I find this festival and the consumption of domesticated animals absolutely revolting.  However, if you think about it, it’s not much different than a pig roast.  Killing animals in general, no matter the animal, and eating them is sick enough.  

I was a vegetarian for 3 years and even though I eat meat now, I still get grossed out.  Thinking about the pain and inhumane ways they are killed for our diet is so sad.  Every day I think about going back to being a vegetarian but meat just tastes so good.  Yes, it’s very hypocritical of me however, I do try and only eat free-range meat and eggs and I try to know where my meat comes from and how it was killed.

What is everyone’s take on this article and eating meat in general?  I would like to know your opinions so leave some comments!