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Link of the Day: Traveling Hand-In-Hand Photography Series

Photographer: Murad Osmann

Flavorwire:  A Photographer’s Stunning Pictures of His Girlfriend Leading Him Around the World


Travel is an exciting adventure, but it wouldn’t be the same without an equally adventurous travel companion urging you along.  In photographer Murad Osmann’s photo series, he photographs the places he visits with his beautiful girlfriend, while she leads him by the hand to their exotic destinations.

Gorgeous scenery, and an approach that beckons the viewer to follow along for the trip, turns these travel photographs into a unique and stunning collection of work.  Click on the link above to see more from Osmann’s series, and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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Quote of the Day: Thomas Jefferson

Mackinac Bridge Quote

Quote of the Day: Katharine Graham

Quote of the Day: Joseph Chilton Pearce

Blurry Vision Quote 2

Link of the Day: ‘Pencil vs. Camera’


Flavorwire:  New Works from Ben Heine’s Awesome ‘Pencil vs. Camera’ Project


Wow!  That’s all I can say.  Ben Heine is a genius when it comes to combining hand-drawn art with photography.  Mixing fantasy with reality, and ultimately creating a surreal and magnificent work of art, Heine embodies everything an artist is, and should be.

Check out the link above to see more amazing pieces from his series, ‘Pencil vs. Camera’!

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Link of the Day: Portraits of Man’s Best Friend


Flavorwire:  Personality-Filled Portraits of Adorable Dogs


Our pets are like our children, so it’s no wonder that people will pay for portraits of their dogs.  Barbara O’Brien sure is talented when it comes to capturing our furry friends’ personalities.

I especially love the photo above, and click on the link to check out more lovable pups!

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Wordless Wednesday

Bahamian Boy

Overboard. Took this at a gay parade in Madrid a few years back.