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Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow and there will be feasts of yummy food to share, I thought I would share this article I found on Huff Post Books.

Writer Wednesday: 9 Types of Brain Food for Writers

We all know that some food is good for us, and others are bad.  But did you know that some can even help support brain function and make us more creative, helping us to write better?!  No joke.  And here are some of those foods.

~ Antioxidants:  Fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants help your creative juices to flow.  Blueberries are supposedly the most powerful.  Mmmm…Don’t those berries below look good enough to eat?!

~ Green Tea:  Many writers either require a steaming cup of coffee or a hot mug of tea next to them as they type away.  Me, I’m a tea girl.  And whoever else is also, you will be happy to know that tea helps the brain and mind age better.  Not to mention that “moderate amounts of caffeine are said to boost concentration”.  So drink up!

~ Glucose:  When you ingest sugar, your body turns that sugar into glucose.  Glucose helps the brain concentrate and increases alertness.  So go ahead, divulge a little – but not too much!


These are just some of the foods that help us writers with our brain activity.  To view the full list and to see how each helps you as a writer, visit the article’s link above.

So, Happy Thanksgiving all, and I provided you with this list so that even though you feast out tomorrow, you can still know that what you are eating (if you include these in your Thanksgiving meal), you are still exercising your brain for the day after Thanksgiving.  The day I know you all writers will be back to writing!



*Note:  Click on the links above to read the full article and to check my source.  The pictures were taken from Google Images.  I, however, summarized the article in my own words (anything I took directly from the article is in quotation marks) and the opinions, thoughts, phrases, and words in this post are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011.*

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