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Save the Rhino

I knew that Rhinos were poached for their horns’ value.  I knew they were endangered.  I knew they were being killed by the numbers.  I knew all of this, yet the elephants being poached for their tusks, and the pit bulls being used for dog fighting seemed more important.  I did not even think twice about Rhinos, such a random yet beautiful animal.

Then I saw this photo on National Geographic:

It’s of a Black Rhino that game scouts found wandering with bullet wounds and the poor thing’s horns cut off.  They had to euthanize him.

What is happening to these animals is a tragedy and going right under most of our noses.  This needs to be stopped and there’s something you and can do to at least help out.

First, and the most obvious, is donating to organizations that dedicate their time to saving this endangered species.  A good one that I have found is Save the Rhino International.  Check them out and see how you can help.

Second, do NOT buy anything with Rhino horn in it.  The horn is used in daggers, and is used in Asian medicine.  If you’re traveling abroad, just be careful about what souvenirs and products you purchase.

 Third, tell everyone you know about the dangers Rhinos are facing.  Rhinoceroses are such interesting creatures, so dinosaur like, and it would be an extremely sad thing if they weren’t around for our children to see.

 Check out more ways you can help the Rhino here.  Also, check out National Geographic’s feature article: Rhino Wars.

Please, the word about Rhinos needs to be spread.  Be active in wildlife conservation.


*Note: Check out the links above for more information and for my sources.  The picture above was taken from National Geographic.  The words of this article are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2012.*


“10 Most Wanted Species”


Currently, I am reading The Devil’s Teeth by Susan Casey, a fascinating book about Great White Sharks.

She states in the book that in 1993, Great White’s became a protected species due to the fact that before, they were among the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) “10 Most Wanted Species”, which is a list of the 10 most endangered species in the world.

I was curious to see who is currently the “10 Most Wanted Species”, so I did a little Google search, and found a list.  Now, this list is from 2010, (I can’t find a more current one, and if you do please let me know!) but I am assuming these species are still endangered, if not even more now that they’ve been on the list for 2 years.

So, here are the 10 most endangered species (from 2010):

10: Giant Panda

There are only about 1,600 more Pandas left in the wild.  And we don’t want that adorable face to go extinct!


9: Javan Rhinoceros

Considered one of the “most endangered large mammals in the world”, there are less than 60 of these animals and only 2 populations left in the wild.  Knowing that only 60 of them exist, is incredibly troubling.


8: Monarch Butterfly

It does not say how many are left, but if it’s on the endangered list, there can’t be many.  It’s weird to think that an insect could become extinct (I know we all wish certain ones would!) however, imagine how sad it would be not to see these beautiful butterflies in the backyard.


7: Mountain Gorilla

Probably the most beautiful of the great apes (in my opinion), only about 720 still survive in the wild, with more than 200 living in National Parks.  After I read the biography of Dian Fossey, Woman in the Mists, (I plan to read Gorillas in the Mist soon) tears come to my eyes just thinking about these creatures becoming extinct.


6: Bluefin Tuna

Yes, it’s also weird to think of a fish on the endangered list, however this particular fish is “the source of highest grade sushi”, and could soon become extinct.  It does not say how many are left though.


5: Leatherback Turtle

Turtles are pretty much everyone’s favorite animal, and I just love how serene and beautiful they are.  They are also one of the largest living reptiles, and there are only about 2,300 female Leatherback Turtles left in the wild.


4: Magellanic Penguin

Everyone loved “March of the Penguins” and “Happy Feet”, and how could anyone imagine these cute creatures becoming extinct?!  However, “12 out of the 17 penguin species are currently experiencing rapid population decline”.


3: Pacific Walrus

Ever seen “50 First Dates”?  Well, the Walrus is one of the “largest victims of climate change”.  200 dead Walrus (what’s plural for “walrus”?!) washed up on Alaska’s northwest coast in September 2010.


2: Polar Bear

Unfortunately, this one is no surprise.  WWF reports that “many polar bear populations will be vulnerable to extinction within the next century if warming trends in the Arctic continue at the current pace”.  I could never imagine a world without these majestic bears.


1: Tiger

And at #1, one of the most beautiful of the feline world, is the Tiger.  There may be as few as 3,200 left in the wild because they are poached for their body parts.  It is devastating to know that these tigers could be extinct because of the selfishness of humans.


Whether it’s because of climate change, deforestation, or us humans, it is heartbreaking to know that our children and grand-children may not be able to experience the wonder each of these animals has to offer.  Something has to be done to protect and save these endangered species.

To read the full list, and to hear why and how to save these animals, click here.


*Note: Click on the link above to view my sources and to read the full list of the “10 Most Wanted Species”.  The pictures were taken from Google Images.*