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It’s Monday! What Are you Reading?: NaNo Novel Excerpt

It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading?  by  Book Journey

I have many books on my TBR list but it’s hard to keep up my word count in NaNo, let alone read while I’m trying to write 50,000 words!

So for today’s Monday reading, I will instead give you an excerpt from my NaNo novel.

Enjoy and remember that critique is always welcome!


Lola loved these days with her father, the days where they roamed the streets, finding neat treasures that connected the present to the past.  Because the Great Havoc lasted for 7 years, seven years which consisted of people fleeing, leaving anything they couldn’t carry behind, the government did not bother to clean up the mess that was left after those long years.

Thirty-three years later, and the streets were still littered with things.  Mostly new trash though, and yes, the new things were trash, however if you looked deep enough into old abandoned buildings, or trekked to places where no one had been in years, then you would still find artifacts from the Great Havoc, all those years ago.

They continued on walking, occasionally stepping over sleeping bodies wrapped in bulky sleeping bags, resting over steaming manholes, trying to stay warm during the chilly morning.  Lola’s father held his daughter’s hand tight, and she squeezed his back, trying to tell him that she appreciated his protection.


*Note: The words above are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011.*