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Link of the Day: Spring Babies


Mother Nature Network:  Rite of Spring – Cute Animal Babies


As of yesterday, it is officially Spring, though it may not necessarily feel like it.  But whether it is snowing, raining, or shining, with Spring comes new life – flowers bloom, the leaves return to the trees, and baby animals are born.

Everyone loves babies, and there really is nothing cuter than a newborn monkey, lion, or bear.  So, whether you need a little cheering up, or would just like to add a smile to your face, check out the link above for some adorable new additions to mother nature!

Happy Thursday All!



Link of the Day: 10 of the Best Animal Fathers

gray seahorse


Mother Nature Network:  Nature’s 10 Best Animal Dads


This is a shout-out to my father and all the dads out there!   Nature has been known to provide some uncaring, deserting, and sometimes aggressive animal dads.  However, here are 10 animal dads that deserve to also be honored on Father’s Day.

Check out the link to see some of the best animal dads.

Happy Sunday and Father’s Day All!