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Link of the Day: I Do!


Flavorwire:  Geeky Ways to Propose – 15 Creative Pop Culture-Themed Rings and Boxes


As someone who is in a serious, long-term relationship, and just waiting for my boyfriend to pop the question, this post caught my eye.  From Star Wars to Harry Potter, but my favorite being Wall-E, these are some unique wedding/engagement rings and boxes.

Check out the link above, and get some creative ideas of how to ask your honey to be yours!

Happy Tuesday All!



Link of the Day: Happy National Grammar Day!

Via: Huffington Post

The Huffington Post:  National Grammar Day – 11 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes


One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing the terrible grammar and spelling that floods the internet.  Whether it is using “your” instead of “you’re”, or misspelling a word to the point that it becomes unreadable, people on Facebook, Twitter, and even blogs give their past (or present) English teachers a bad name.

I don’t know if people are too lazy, or honestly don’t realize their mistakes, but today, for National Grammar Day, we are allowed to make fun of those who can’t spell or use correct punctuation marks.

So, check out the link above and see some terribly embarrassing grammar mistakes.  And remember, when in doubt, SPELL CHECK!

Happy Monday & National Grammar Day All!


Link of the Day: March Must-Reads


Flavorwire:  10 New Must-Reads for March


Novels, poems, and works of non-fiction, Flavorwire’s must-reads for the month of March sound promising.  From Anne Carson to Vladimir Nabokov, these are some new books by some of the best authors.

Check out the link above for some recommendations, and let us know which are going on your TBR list, or which you have already read and personally recommend!

Happy Saturday All!


Link of the Day: Traveling Hand-In-Hand Photography Series

Photographer: Murad Osmann

Flavorwire:  A Photographer’s Stunning Pictures of His Girlfriend Leading Him Around the World


Travel is an exciting adventure, but it wouldn’t be the same without an equally adventurous travel companion urging you along.  In photographer Murad Osmann’s photo series, he photographs the places he visits with his beautiful girlfriend, while she leads him by the hand to their exotic destinations.

Gorgeous scenery, and an approach that beckons the viewer to follow along for the trip, turns these travel photographs into a unique and stunning collection of work.  Click on the link above to see more from Osmann’s series, and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Happy Friday All!


Link of the Day: The Little Free Library

Little Free Library

The Huffington Post:  Duayne Samples Builds Little Free Library In Front Yard


Books are important: they expand and excite the imagination, take you around the world, and teach you real-life lessons.  However, with modern-day technology, video games, and TV, less and less children are actually reading, let alone going to libraries.

Duayne Samples, a resident of Folsom, California, found an opportunity to bring books closer to home and promote the importance of reading.  Setting up a mail-box type structure, he built the ‘Little Free Library’.  It’s motto is, “Take a book.  Leave a book.  Or do both.” and so far, it has gained recognition and praise.

Check out the link above to see a video of Samples’ ‘Little Free Library’, and how this convenient creation is empowering both the community and the imagination.

Happy Wednesday All & Keep Reading!


Link of the Day: Every Writer Needs Inspiration

Flavorwire:  12 Great Videos of Famous Authors Giving Advice to Aspiring Writers


When writers are not writing, they’re looking for inspiration.  Inspiration is key to pen that perfect manuscript, and many times a writer’s inspiration comes from other writers.

As an aspiring writer myself, I feel 100 times more motivated when I hear success stories and advice from fellow writers.  I don’t know if it’s the awe or envy of another writer’s success that forces me to writer harder and better, but whatever it is, it works.

So, check out the video above and hear some inspiring advice from author, John Hodgman.  And, after that, check out the link to find more motivation from other famous and successful writers.

Happy Tuesday All & Keep Writing!


Link of the Day: Oscars 2013 Recap

oscars 2013

The Huffington Post:  Oscars Recap – Affleck’s ‘Argo’ Wins Best Picture, Michelle Obama Appears & More


The 2013 Oscars was definitely the program to watch last night.  With big awards, live musical numbers (way too many if you ask me), and a trip up the steps while accepting an Oscar (don’t worry, we still love you Jennifer Lawrence) it was a (long) night of entertainment.

In my opinion, Seth MacFarlane did a decent job as a host.  Yes, he received some bad reviews for his “tasteless”, “racist”, and “sexist” jokes, but what did you expect from the creator of ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Ted’?!  The big awards of the night went to Tarantino, Ang Lee, and ‘Argo’, and I couldn’t be happier that these movies received the respect they deserved.

If you missed out on the Oscars last night, make sure to click on the link above, and check out a full Oscar recap.  If you were able to stay up and see it, let us know in the comment section below what you thought!

Happy Monday All!