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NaNo Word Cloud

So because it’s Friday, and I procrastinate on Fridays, instead of writing I have been creating my own word cloud.

These are the words in the Prologue of my NaNo novel.  Based on these words:

Can you guess what my story is about?

What one word grabs your attention the most?

Would you want to read the story just by seeing these words alone?

Tell me what you think!

To create your own word cloud visit Wordle.


It’s Monday! What Are you Reading?: NaNo Novel Excerpt

It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading?  by  Book Journey

I have many books on my TBR list but it’s hard to keep up my word count in NaNo, let alone read while I’m trying to write 50,000 words!

So for today’s Monday reading, I will instead give you an excerpt from my NaNo novel.

Enjoy and remember that critique is always welcome!


Lola loved these days with her father, the days where they roamed the streets, finding neat treasures that connected the present to the past.  Because the Great Havoc lasted for 7 years, seven years which consisted of people fleeing, leaving anything they couldn’t carry behind, the government did not bother to clean up the mess that was left after those long years.

Thirty-three years later, and the streets were still littered with things.  Mostly new trash though, and yes, the new things were trash, however if you looked deep enough into old abandoned buildings, or trekked to places where no one had been in years, then you would still find artifacts from the Great Havoc, all those years ago.

They continued on walking, occasionally stepping over sleeping bodies wrapped in bulky sleeping bags, resting over steaming manholes, trying to stay warm during the chilly morning.  Lola’s father held his daughter’s hand tight, and she squeezed his back, trying to tell him that she appreciated his protection.


*Note: The words above are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011.*

Greetings 20K, You Are Much Welcomed!

Well, I am proud and relieved to say that I have reached 20K.  For me, this is an achievement in its self.

I was in the zone today with my writing, new ideas, characters and twists flowing from my brain into my laptop.  A love interest happened unexpectedly between my FMC, Lola, and her best friend, Elle’s brother, Karim.  It happened randomly but I am taking it all with stride, interested to see how everything turns out.

So, to give you a little sneak preview of the 20,000 words I wrote, here is an excerpt from my story.

Critique is welcomed!


Dear Journal,                                                                                                November, 2020

While I address this to a journal, these notes are not for my own benefit, are not for me to remember.  I will probably never be able to forget what has happened, what continues to happen, so I won’t need reminding.

No, this journal is for you reader, whomever you are.  This is for you to know, to understand what has happened, and continues to happen.  This journal is for you to see what I see, what I am witnessing.  While it isn’t a pretty sight, and I am sorry for that, someone, anyone, needs to know what has happened to our wonderful planet, our world. 

I can picture aliens: beings from another planet, another existence, mocking us, watching our world crumble as they observe from theirs.  I would not be surprised.  I would do the same thing if I was in their position.  The world we humans have created is not a perfect one in the very least.  It is not a strong one, a united one.  In all reality, our world is slowly breaking, and soon, it will become exhausted, Mother Nature tired of trying to support our infinite needs.  And she will self-destruct, sacrificing herself in order to no longer be the platform of our chaos.

However, do not get me wrong.  The world was never strong in the first place.  There has always been violence, always been control, and always been destruction; albeit slow destruction.  Now, the process has sped up, it is tired of waiting, and now we are spiraling out of control, our hands no longer able to break our falls, we will crash face first.

You must understand that I know I am sounding extremely pessimistic, extremely negative.  However, you also must understand what I have seen with my own two eyes, what I have experienced and witnessed, what I wish I could erase from my memory. Then you will understand why I’m so cynical, sounding so much like an old morose woman and less like what I am: a healthy fifty year old.

Even though everything that surrounds me at this time is hideous – a skeleton of the world that was – I have had a good and beautiful life; a life full of surprises, joys, of hopes and dreams.  For that reason, the reason of my past life, I have also enclosed in this plastic bag, and next to these sorrowful writings, a video camera with tapes.  On those tapes you will observe simpler and better times, times which marked important and lovely moments in my life.  Because the details of these writings will be so horrific and downright miserable to read, I wanted to provide you with just a little bit of happiness and relief. 

And please, I beg of you to please think and imagine me during the times of the tapes.  Do not get to know me through these writings, because the words I write and describe aren’t me, the woman I really am.  Remember my smile on the camera, not my tear drops on these pages.  Remember the sound of my laugh, not the rips of the paper from my scribbles.  Remember the relationships I cherished with my loved ones you meet on the videos, not the relationship I form with this pencil and parchment.

If you can do that for me, remember me how you see me, not read me, then I thank you for that.  I thank you for taking the time to watch my life, and to read my sorrows.  I hope that you, my reader, will never experience what you are about to read from me, what I am experiencing as I write this.  I also hope that we will never meet, because if we do, that means that you are here during this horrible time, a time I hope is long gone when you exist.

So, I bury this journal and this camera, and I will come every night to update my writings, to continue this horrible tale, and rebury it before the sun shines, before day breaks.  And when the writings stop, and you are left with only blank pages and old images of my past, then you must know that I have shared all there is for me and my time here on earth.

Now, shall we begin?


Happy Writing to the rest of you!  


*Note: The words above are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011.*

Nasty Up Your NaNoWriMo Novel!

Ah, words.  They can help us, they can fail us, and they can empower us.  Words have moved nations, brought people to tears, and taken up much of our times through books.  Some words are nice, some are bad, and some are just plain nasty.

Since I have been participating in NaNoWriMo, the past couple of weeks have consisted around words.  Instead of dreaming in images, I dream of words.  My brain is constantly thinking up new words, sentences, and yes, sometimes grammar pops in my head every once in a while too.

So, to help all you NaNo-ers with your word usage and to throw in a different word here or there throughout your story, I bring to you from The Huffington Post Book section:

9 Nastiest Words in the Dictionary – with sentences created by Kalie Lyn.


Example:  The coprophagous dog ate his own poo.


Example:  “She’s exsanguinating!  She’s exsanguinating!” the woman screamed, trying to get someone’s attention to save her bleeding friend.

Example:  Out came the meconium, along with the baby.

Example:  The effluvium radiated off of the dead monkey like heat radiates off of a heater.


This is just a sample of the words you can use to nasty up your story.  I’m already thinking about using exsanguinate during a bloody war scene!

To check out the rest of the 9 nastiest words in the dictionary, click on the link above the first picture, which was taken from the article.

Nasty Writing All!